Who: Steve Rose and friends.
Where: 414 Rose Avenue, Venice, CA 90291
What: A truly chilling haunted experience. (Free)
When: Thursday, Halloween night starting @ 7pm and Saturday Nov. 2. Til around midnight.
Why: Because we love Halloween, and we LOVE to scare people. (Not recommended for kids under 13.)

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Flying Demon

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15 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey! This sounds super cool! Do you guys need any extra hands? I’m a Venice resident, and I’ve been doing makeup FX for 20 years. I’m pretty good!

    • Hey Gordon,
      I’ll check with Steve. But I think he’s got it covered (pun!) for this year. I’ll let you know and make sure he’s got your email for next year. Thanks for asking and see you there!

    • Diesel Kessler Says:

      Hey are u guys open on fridays

      • Hi Diesel. We’re not like a commercial haunt or anything. We set up special for Halloween and this year, 2013, also Saturday Nov. 2nd. But those are the only two nights we’re open. Best

  2. Until what time will it be open my kids want to trick or treat so i was checking if i would even have time to go to the hunted house i’m from los angeles thank you

  3. i’m scared already! lol

  4. do we have to be there by 6:30?

    • We open at around 6:30 but you can come anytime. I think we’ll be closing a little earlier tonight because people have to work tomorrow. But we’ll be rolling til at least 11pm. Not sure how long the line will get. But it could be as long as a half hour wait depending on what time you get there.

  5. Can i wear costume?

  6. just wanted to know how much is it to go in?

  7. Is this a short maze or is it a good length?

    • You mean as if you’ll be coming out the other side? 😉 I’d say it’s medium length but it’s very dense. Lots going on. You won’t be disappointed.

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