Eternal Rest Cemetery Custom Shirt Collection

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Extend Your Visit To Eternal Rest Cemetery All Year Long – With Our Custom T-Shirt Collection!


Ordering details and other available shirts found here.

Thank You! Halloween 2013

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The 2013 incantation of Venice Haunted House – Eternal Rest Cemetery, has come to a close.

Most of our visitors escaped back to safety … only a few have gone unaccounted for.

A thanks to all of the unsuspecting donors of various blood products. The undead have an undying love for your kindness and thoughtful offerings.

Photo by Art Gray
Photo by Art Gray

2013 Edition Eternal Rest Cemetery T-Shirt!

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Secure Your Resting Spot

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Photo by Art Gray


A Special Spot For Your Remains

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Photo by Art Gray


Eternal Rest Cemetery – Halloween 2013!

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Halloween 2012

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Eternal Rest Cemetery opens it decrepit gates each Halloween season to unleash an onslaught of horrors to make your worst nightmares come true.

The unholy dead drag themselves from their cemetery graves for two nights – Saturday October 27th and Wednesday October 31st. The mayhem begins each evening at approximately 7:00PM and continues till the gates are chained shut at around midnight.

On these two nights only, The Eternal Rest Cemetery proprietors allow you to visit with the recently departed by taking a delightful tour through the depths of The Morgue. Be warned that this is an intense experience. We do not recommend it for children under 14 … or maybe even anyone, for that matter.

The cemetery grounds are located at 414 Rose Avenue in Venice, California (90291). Come by to find your eternal resting spot, it’s a free Halloween experience, but you may pay with your life.


Getting Ready!

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Confirmed! We’ll be open both Saturday, October 27 and Halloween, Wednesday the 31st.

Photos by Art Gray.

Venice Haunted House – 2012

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So Many Souls, So Little Time

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Alas, we lament the passing of another Halloween. What a wonderful time we had. Thanks to everyone for coming out! We’ll be back next year.
We have some t-shirts left. If you want to get one leave a note in the comments and we’ll figure it out.
We’ll have new pictures up soon.
We were reviewed at Hollywood Gothique! Steve Biodrowski does an amazing job of keeping tabs on all things Halloween in the Los Angeles area. You can read his review here.